About Me

My name is Hannah Lee Miller, I am a Londoner.

I have a strong life time background in art, coming from a very creative family.

I have spent most of my life writing, crafting, sculpting, illustrating and creating, it is very much something I do. I am inspired by people, philosophy, poetry, nature and crafts, to name but a few things. Life in general and the world I live in inspires me on a daily basis.

I like very early mornings, coffee and the River Thames, preferably combined, my favourite bridge is Vauxhall Bridge as it is quiet and has very large sculptures facing the river of women holding sculptures of different aspects of the city. I first discovered these when canoeing on the river (which I have fallen into 3 times.)

I am also a Graduate with a Masters in Animation Direction from The National Film and Television School.

Me at School
Hannah's Vimeo Account

I am a keen cartoonist, particularly fond of graphic novel narratives using lovely page layouts leading you through thoughts and sequential moments.

I have also a flickr account for my crafts if it's not on my blog it's on my flickr:

Thanks for dropping by, Do come again! :)