Sunday, 18 April 2010

Traffic Jam

Currently working on some illustrations for my friend Tara Grainger's poem, 'Traffic Jam'. Few more to come, working on colour and layout. Had the idea of making individual drawings then working on comp in Photoshop but it looks quite stiff so having a re-think. I may re-draw some of it on one A3 sheet to make it more fluid and organic or may make it into a Zine...More about Zine's later!!!

Wednesday, 7 April 2010

Rosy Posey, is our reasonably new cat addition, she's a great cuddle with a good sense of humour.
She does talk at you a lot, yeowing constantly, "What is it Rosy? Is Jimmy trapped down a well?" still as yet we haven't quite figured out what she is yeowing about....

Tuesday is the day I usually go to Drawing club but it wasn't running today so I joined my father in the garden and we did our own drawing club.
The Chimenia in the back where we burn random things for fun.

I also did lots of gardening, dismantling the Rockery (30years old) and pulled alot of muscles and I'm still only a fifth of the way through. Pulling out a lot of good soil for the vegetable patch. You may call it procrastination, I call it 'finding my roots'.

Monday, 5 April 2010

The word Genius derives from the term geni, a muse, a spiritual being that inspires creativity and intellect. Back in the day talent wasn't atributed to the self but to a higher being. I read a quote that when inspiration comes drop everything and listen otherwise it'll pass by you like a breeze.
Today I was looking out the window.
I have a strange love affair with tower blocks, gallions of the urban sky. I was staring at the one across the road 'Wayland House', watching the clothes flapping on the line on their balconies, thinking about them flying off on the wind. I was watching the light bounce off it and thinking how lovely, like a tapestry, it was and wouldn't it be nice to paint it. And then I thought of the geni, QUICK, I lept out of my comfy patch on the couch and grab my paints and the nearest sketchbook. And settled in with the painting, racing the sunset. I think I caught the tail end of the geni cause it don't look as lovely as it does in real life, perhaps this will be sketch one of many...