..and Family

Been an arts and craftists since I was a kid, my whole family are creative of which I am proud.

My mum is a book worm, a knitter/croucheter and a pretty darn good cartoonist (though she'd deny it)

My Dad worked as an architect for many years, and in his spare time and retirement is a painter, sculptor, funny and gentle man.

My sister is the famous London crazy mural lady, has also had a life in fashion, also an artist all her life, fantastic illustrator. She's now also the Mum of Princess Booboo of Brixton, my newest niece.

My brother is a crazy creative DIY enthusiast, also sculpts and generally makes things, earns his keep as a interweb security architect or something.

My other brother is a creative director in New York and is super cool, also a photographer and has produced two amazing daughters, my phenomenal nieces and now a fabulous son, my 1st nephew.

My other sister lives on a boat and is a singer with a stunning voice.

and of course there's my extended family but that's a whole other story...