Friday, 25 March 2011

Jam and Tea

Been working on some designs for my friend's company. A new organisation based in Maidstone who aim to create a cafe which will be a community inspired hub of creativity and inspiration. I spent my uni years in Maidstone and can honestly say the place is crying out for something like this.

Friday, 18 March 2011


My parents celebrated their 39th wedding anniversary last month, one year till their Ruby but I couldn't wait that long to make something special.


I had the idea a couple of months ago. I brought from Etsy these plain Kokeshi dolls and couldn't think of an idea, then because there are two I thought it'd be nice to make a cartoon version of my folks, which timed in nicely with their anniversary (which I usually forget). Even put in Rosie the cat around mum's feet, which she usually is.

Using primer, gouache and varnish and a touch of artistry I put these together in a few days plus 2 weeks for varnish drying. Had a mishap with them sticking together in the box so I had to put a separator in to prevent damage in transport.
Mum said "Absolutely delighted with the small idols - flattery or poetic license has given Dad more hair and me youth and serenity but we're content to live with it...BRILL"

Thursday, 10 March 2011

Soft Toy Bunnies for my Awesome N.Y. Nieces

I have two incredibly lovely nieces Ellie and Val (thanks to my brother and my sister-in-law)who all live in America. I get kept up to date with them via Facebook where their mum puts up films and photos and so via the wonderful world of the web we have watched them grow.
I really wanted to make them something special, something they would know their Auntie Hannah had made just for them, so using my crafting skills I began on my twin bunny project.
Ellie and Val aren't identical twins so I decided the bunnies, would be similar but not identical.
I used new socks and hand stitched them together, the little dresses are made from old stripy pyjamas.
E&V are always smiling so I made sure the bunnies were smiling too.

They finally got their bunnies last week, and I got a reply which made me well up with joy,

"Our mom is helping us write this to tell you that we LOVE, LOVE, LOVE our bunnies! I (Ellie) hugged mine the moment I took it out of the box you sent and my sister picked hers up and said "cute bunnie". For the past two days we have been taking our bunnies everywhere with us - to the park, to the playroom and on walks in our stroller and we snuggle them at night. Our mom wanted to send you some pictures but we just moved and she's still very unorganized and can't find the cable to sync the camera to the computer. She promises she will send some soon. 
We love you and can't wait to meet you - mom and dad say hopefully soon!"

and here's a photo of my fabulous nieces with bunnies watching Curious George:

Much thanks to my sister-in-law Maria for the photos, made my day!