Thursday, 26 November 2009

Tube Sleeper Anonymous

I now have a routine. My alarm is set for 5:30am and I press snooze for half an hour then roll out of bed onto the floor at 6am. Forty minutes running around and into the occasional wall before I'm out the house at 6:40. The tubes are empty, well emptier, and so I get a seat, which is part of the appeal of the early rising.
Bleary eyed I stagger across from the tube exit to the coffee stand at Marylebone station, it's been two years worth of coffee I been buying from AMT (the best coffee I have ever known), so I don't have to say a thing, they tell me what I'm having, I am the 'Cappucino 2 sugars' lady, except that awful stomach sinking time. The lady made a mistaken identity moment and gave me hot chocolate, I mean who drinks hot chocolate at 7:15am, it's just wrong. There was a brief embarresing eye exchange with the lady as she handed me this drink as it dawned on her that she was serving me the wrong drink, it was probably the embarresed horror I was attempting to mask on my face. She tried a save with "orrrr would you prefer a cappucino today?" being British and terrified of awquard situations, said "no, no that's great" through grimaced teeth. Promptly binned it. I mean Hot chocolate at 7:15, the weather wasn't even cold!
So anyway where was I...oh yes... so I get my coffee and catch the departure board 7:26 platform 6 and off I go. Arriving Beaconsfield studio room, 8:15am

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