Monday, 5 April 2010

The word Genius derives from the term geni, a muse, a spiritual being that inspires creativity and intellect. Back in the day talent wasn't atributed to the self but to a higher being. I read a quote that when inspiration comes drop everything and listen otherwise it'll pass by you like a breeze.
Today I was looking out the window.
I have a strange love affair with tower blocks, gallions of the urban sky. I was staring at the one across the road 'Wayland House', watching the clothes flapping on the line on their balconies, thinking about them flying off on the wind. I was watching the light bounce off it and thinking how lovely, like a tapestry, it was and wouldn't it be nice to paint it. And then I thought of the geni, QUICK, I lept out of my comfy patch on the couch and grab my paints and the nearest sketchbook. And settled in with the painting, racing the sunset. I think I caught the tail end of the geni cause it don't look as lovely as it does in real life, perhaps this will be sketch one of many...

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