Saturday, 26 February 2011

Handy's Makeover

I was inspired to post this as I found a cool crafts blog Strumpets Crumpets with a Memory Lane project about memorable items from your childhood.

This is Russ's good pal, Handy. Made for him before he was born, Handy has been Russ's buddy for many a year and not a Christmas goes by without a drink raised to Handy.
Course when I met Handy he looked like this (see before pic)
So I took my craftsy skills and gave him a make over. Carefully hand washing him as he is an old man now, I gave him new eyes and new nose, sewed his neck back properly (Russ's attempts had been a tad rough) and I crocheted a jumper especially for him. And this is Handy today with a new lease of life.

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