Friday, 18 March 2011


My parents celebrated their 39th wedding anniversary last month, one year till their Ruby but I couldn't wait that long to make something special.


I had the idea a couple of months ago. I brought from Etsy these plain Kokeshi dolls and couldn't think of an idea, then because there are two I thought it'd be nice to make a cartoon version of my folks, which timed in nicely with their anniversary (which I usually forget). Even put in Rosie the cat around mum's feet, which she usually is.

Using primer, gouache and varnish and a touch of artistry I put these together in a few days plus 2 weeks for varnish drying. Had a mishap with them sticking together in the box so I had to put a separator in to prevent damage in transport.
Mum said "Absolutely delighted with the small idols - flattery or poetic license has given Dad more hair and me youth and serenity but we're content to live with it...BRILL"

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