Sunday, 8 May 2011

Bristol Sketchers: Windmill Hill City Farm

I've taken to going along to Bristol Sketchers meet ups on the weekend.
This sat was the second time I've gone along, it's a really nice relaxing, productive and social way to spend a Saturday morning to go drawing with others who get as equally excited about stationary and a beautiful new sketchbook as much as I do.
Bristol Sketchers is a sketching group that meet once a week, going to different locations in Bristol to sketch for a few hours then after go for a coffee,a chat and share pictures.
This saturday we went to Windmill hill City Farm in Bedminster, South Bristol, which was uber cool, a lovely place with lots of different things to draw and look at. The food was amazing too, I had lentil and bean burger with some scrummy salad. Met some more lovely people and did at least one lovely drawing :)


  1. Great sketches of the sheep. Love the lamb's ears and spine line, and sharp jut of hip.

    And the pig in a pen. Neat. Thanks for sharing.

  2. Much thanks, appreciate the positive feedback :D