Sunday, 22 January 2012

Hand Stamped Craft Business Cards

I have lots of projects to show you but am still in the purgatory between housing, and live life between boxes.
Last night, thanks to some inspiration, and the arrival of large novelty erasers, I pumped out a few stamps.

Crazy Crowded Craft Table
My goal is to make business cards for my arts and crafting.
This is my first attempt as I thought handmade makes sense.
The design is cause I grew up in a very urban area with very country parents and we was neither fish nor fowl, and cause I like drawing tower blocks and houses.
I took a pick of my overcrowded craft desk too, cause I like creative chaos.

By the way I am haveing a very dyslexic day.
My shopping list today included meet (meat) and deodarant (deodorant) amongst others.

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