Wednesday, 26 June 2013

Cooking With My Brother

I'm not a great cook, AT ALL.
Mainly it's a confidence issue.
Recently I have been lucky enough to be fed by and had the company of foodie superstars,
People who make cooking an art form, my friends and inspiration
Chan and Sally

Another person in my life who is a big foodie, is my big brother. He makes his own sausages, grows his own veg, cure his own meat, makes his own cheese. He's incredibly creative with DIY and cookery.
So I suggested if he would be up for teaching me a thing or two about cookery.
Why not he said, and we both took to it like geese on a pond.
I had a wonderful 4 days which was jam packed with projects and foods and inspiration.

I promised to blog it up for my foodie friends to see.
I have still many more posts to write but this is day one so far.

Cooking with My Bruv

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