Sunday, 8 August 2010

Arts4Space: Volunteer

I been spending some of my time volunteering at Arts4Space, a Community Arts Organisation based at Stockwell Studios in Jeffreys Road, Stockwell. Arts4Space create community arts projects to increase accessibility and empowerment through art to various groups, helping develop communication, promote diversity and social cohesion within my neighbourhood. I'm loving working with them.

Recent project, which is up and now in situ, was the creation of a mosaic mural for Streatham Wells Primary School, most of the work had been done but I stepped in and helped finish the piece. Partly created with the kids of the school this piece is now in proud position on the wall in their front entrance.

Since then we worked on another Streatham Wells mural that I helped restore. I am particularly interested in murals as my sister, Ruth Miller, has set up the London Mural Preservation Society. She is currently in the process of researching who created the original mural we are restoring which was made at least 30 years ago. It was great fun bringing the old mural back to life, and I learnt alot about mural restoration. 
The LMPS have a mural walk coming up soon on the 15th August in North London (All Welcome!) My colleague and fellow filmmaker, Louise Murray, and I will be filming the event for the web.
Onwards and Upwards!

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