Friday, 13 August 2010

Tiny Paintings in Gouache

 Currently looking after mum whose has had an operation on her toes so I'm at home helping out with Dad. Decided to jump at the chance to paint. Painted with gouache on small to tiny canvases, one, a portrait of my sisters cat Oscar and the other Old man's building is a painting of a small old building that survived the bulldozers because the owner a little old man refused to sell up. There had been a large building next door Freemans catalogue a factory supplying work for a hell of a lot of people. It has now been destroyed and created into (more) luxury flats, the old man's house remains....when I was a kid we used to deliver food parcels for the elderly, back then he was an old man and we dropped our parcel off, I thought he was odd and mysterious.

Oscar is 6" by 4" and the house is 3" by 2"

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