Monday, 13 December 2010

Art Auction Art4Space

As some of you may know I have be spending my time volunteering for Art4Space.
I have done a variety of tasks from working in the garden with young offenders, helping run after school clubs and assisting with workshops at community fairs.
The most recent of event I have worked on has been the preparation and running of Art4Space first Art Auction, helping to raise money for a reconditioned pottery Kiln. With this Kiln, A4S can run all ages workshops with the local community as mosaics can only be done with 8+ year olds.
It was a wonderful time creating individual art pieces in ceramic (fired at the local pottery shop North street Potters) and mosaic picture frames, mirrors, baubles and artworks. We spend many days chatting over coffee and dancing round the studio to keep warm, given the freedom to create any thing we chose.
With a total of over one hundred pieces, plus the BBQ and bar we raised £600 towards the kiln. It was very rewarding to see people fighting over our creations. My sister kindly brought one of my favourite mirrors, she hasn't decided to keep it or give it to my brother, I am pleased to know it's staying in the family because I am quite impressed with the final result.
The night of the auction was wonderful, with live music, free range sausage buns, cocktail bar with the ArrrrrrrtinSpace special cocktail, and plenty of mulled wine and hot cider.
There is now talk of planning for a Spring fete to help raise the rest of the money.
Anyone interested in having a go at mosaic themselves will be pleased to know Mosaic workshops will be running on a drop in basis from the 4th January Every Tuesday night from 6:30pm £20 and the last Sunday of every month 10-4:30pm £45. More details can be found through

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