Sunday, 23 January 2011

Between Then and Now

Between then (graduation) and now (job), I have kept myself busy. This blog gives u a rough idea.
Me and my DOP decided we would become a far it's just conceptual we haven't had band practise or anything but Andy says all you need is three chords and the truth and I definately know three chords on my ukulele. So far the only truth I have written a song about is my infamous song that I'm not allowed to sing round the house anymore which is 'Bookshops of Brixton' which fundamently establishes that there is only one. But I am confident in our combined talent, just got to wait till he graduates then world watch out!
This is a nice coffee shop near stockwell called Cafe Nile...I say nice because they do a good cappucino and I'm alll about the cappucino..I say nice but it can get a tad rough outside being tucked in the armpit of an estate, but inside, a veritable oasis.
This is a picture I drew of an old man and his routine.

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