Sunday, 23 January 2011

More about the Now

Thanks to my dear friend Avgousta (check out her blog) I have got myself a job in Bristol. I am now the 'Design, Effects and Schedule Coordinator' for kids TV animation Chuggington. Just in case you were wondering my favourite train is Hodge.
I've been going back to London at the weekends, so I have become extremely familiar with the National Express, oh what a smorgasboard of cacophonic noise and diseases, it does amuse me though, so many different characters, my favourite being a coach driver called Gadget, a black belt and with a life story as long as your arm. For a while he was an Inspector and was known as Inspector Gadget, chortle-Genius!

I don't move into my flat till the 1st feb so I have been crashing at my pal Av's house which is conviently near work.
Av is fighting the good fight for the Polar bears!

Thank You Av, for letting me stay! :)

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  1. No problem :) love the drawings keep up the good work!