Tuesday, 6 September 2011

End of The Road 2011: Paintings

Well I've just got back from EOTR, slightly tanned and quite contented.
In many years gone by, festivals to me were about getting wasted outdoors with loud music, and fancy footwork.

This festival I was determined not to drink but to try and see as many bands as possible because I was over awed by the line up, the line up was the reason I leaped forth and brought a ticket.

Saw some amazing bands including: The Growlers, Secret Sisters, Caitlin Rose, Micah.P.Hinson, Clap your Hands Say Yeah, Joan as Police Woman, Sam Amidon, Beirut, This is the Kit, Diagrams, Nathaniel Rateliff, Phosphorescent, Tinariwen, The leisure Society, Josh T. Pearson, John Grant, and Joanna Newsom to name but a few.
My favorites were Josh T. Pearson, John Grant, The Leisure Society, This is The Kit,  Diagrams, Joanna Newsom.

I liked stargazing to Joanna Newsom it was so cold and our legs killed so we lay on Chezza's poncho and watched the stars to the gorgeous voice and harp of Joanna Newsome, it sounded like the stars singing.
This is the Kit filled the Tipi tent, with a full crew of musicians including a lady playing the saw. I found some of her music I hadn't already got and was lucky enough to have a little chat about South London and get a signing from Kate Stables of This is the Kit. 
The Tipi tent was very good for discovering new music, Nathaniel Rateliff was phenomonal, Sam Amidon stella voice, and Diagrams were my big favs with their ballons and mention of Streatham!
Diagrams' Sam Genders was telling the audience how he'd asked the manager for a budget to make this gig 'wow', and got given £15....so he went to the pound shop and brought loads of bubble blowers and balloons and handed them out and I have to say, it was awesome. The whole of the front of the stage was multi-coloured balloons bouncing up and down. And really loved the music.
I was utterly mesmerised by Josh T Pearson's soulful singing, blew me away.

As always the festival food was Amazing food Pieminster, Nachos, pizzas, corn on the cob, falafel, proper lush and yum!

Being sober and forgetting my camera I took the opportunity to draw and paint, I'd forgotten my paint brush so had to use my fingers, but I think they came out rather nice.

And the company was awesome, thanks Ladies, Chezza and Ams for good times and good company! You guys are awesome :)

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