Saturday, 24 September 2011

Leafleting My Neighbourhood

A brilliant new event for South London has been born, the South Lambeth Market, consisting of Local people selling there products locally. The first one last weekend on the 17th went down a treat, with a constant flow of visitors. Selling fine foods and wares from fresh baked bread to plants to crafts, all housed on the court and inside hall of a local pub The Cavendish Arms, I am so pleased it will be a regular thing and I look forward to the next on Saturday the 8th October, 10-4pm. 

I am very keen to help any thing that helps to put Stockwell on the map. So the week before I offered my services to help with distributing fliers. I opted to distribute around my mums neighbourhood just a couple of roads.
Boy, I never realised what strange and hard work it is, up and down stairs, sweating buckets on a highly humid morning. It's Spider season so had to navigate huge webs with orb web spiders in the middle covering pathways. I encountered greasy, grimy gates; front gardens overloaded with gorgeous flower; a faded gnome garden; multiple doorbells on large houses and loads of no junk mail stickers “it's not junk, it's an invitation” I thinks to myself. By the time I finished I was grimmy, covered in cobwebs and dripping with sweat but I got to know my neighbourhood a bit better. Just walking through their gate up to their door gave me more of an idea of who lives in my hood, it's not as posh up close.  

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