Sunday, 25 September 2011

Craftivists, Fine Cell Work and awholelotta-Wool

 Yesterday I joined the awesome group Crafitivists to help out in sorting wool for another excellent organisation Fine Cell Work.
Fine Cell Work is an organisation that helps rehabiliate prisoners using crafts, mainly embroidery, to earn, save money and rebuild there lives whilst inside prison. Sitting listening to our co-ordinator, Ella, tell us all about the work they do, was thoroughly inspiring.
They needed the Craftivists help, as their wool donations was starting to over load the office, so the tapestry and the crewel wool had to be organised into colour, and the old and wrong wool weeded out.
We all quietly sat picking away at our laps of colours, it was very meditative and relaxing. Loved the Colours!
Ella, our coordinator, wasn't sure how much we could do but we ended up sorting the lot out and clearing the space under the desk in the office.
I was really glad to join the Craftivists for the day, and do something totally worth while. I wasn't sure how activism and crafts went together but I'm liking their thinking and shall be keeping an eye out for other events. I'd also like to do more voluntary work for Fine Cell Work, really important work, I think.

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