Saturday, 1 October 2011

My Memory Walk

When I signed up to do the Memory walk, I mainly did it because I wanted to find out more about the care available to people with Alzheimers.
As you probably seen in my previous posts, my father had a stroke roughly 5-6 years ago this caused a form of Dementia, and although he is a cheerful soul, he needs 24/7 care mainly provided by my mum. So I did the walk for my Mum, Sandy, and my Dad, Lee.

I was pretty nervous before the walk as I have crappy knee. Been strengthening my thighs with swimming and I had brought my walking shoes and insoles from scholl which help hugely with the ol' leg hinges but I was concerned about how they'd cope with 10 miles.
I regularly walk longish distances, do like a good walk, so I know I can easily do 5 miles, but to provide a challenge I went for the 10, outside my comfort zone.
I got to Battersea park earlier than I'd planned, you could register from 9:30am and I'd got there at 9:30am, bit too precisely.
Upon getting off the bus I was looking for people I thought might be on the walk. One lady with a purple rucksack and walking shoes just like me, seemed to be heading the same way.
Once we got the park there weren't any signs pointing the right way, and I saw this lady and another chap were looking for it too, so I said hello, turned out we were all doing the 10 mile.
The lady with purple rucksack and walking shoes, Jane, became my walking buddy, and so we got our t-shirts, our sticker and name tags, I had my face painted and she had her nails done and we had our picture taken in the free booth as evidence and we got balloons.
 The Alzheimers Society photographer took some staged pictures of us putting our signs on each other, our signs said who we were walking for that day, hers said Her Aunty Peggy and mine My Mum and Dad, Sandy & Lee. Must check the website and see if they used them.
Then we had to do this daft warm up, which I secretly enjoyed, and threw in some extra shimmys.
Then to the theme tune to Rocky we were off! Walking on mass.
Jane and I chatted non stop, the whole 10 miles, which totally helped, we discussed Pinterest, Crafts, ramblers, fashion, just stuff and completely forgot our feet might be hurting. We asked each attendant along the route, how far? Needless to say none of them knew but we carried on pushing through. Jane was determined to do at least a 20 min mile and was thrilled we finished with a 17 min mile and we both agreed to do more walks. And my knees didn't hurt at all!! My calves and the bottom of my feet hurt but I had no blisters and my knees hadn't let me down ( I actually did a little jog at the end and my knees felt great??)
We came in at 2hours and 40 mins and burnt 950 calories (minus the 300 calories on a bacon butty)
We got a medal, a certificate, a goodie bag with sweets, a pedometer, shower gel (do I smell?) and loads of info about Alzheimers, fundraising and walking.
I felt elated, joyous and chuffed and I then, stupidly, walked from Battersea Park to Vauxhall (proving to myself the next challenge is the half marathon!)
I managed to raise £521.50 for the Alzheimers Charity, find out more about demetia and what the Alzheimers Society do and how you can help at:
With Thanks to Amber.H, Claire.S, Fay.C, Jane.H, Nona, Pauline, Patsy.B, Carol, Sarah.P, Karl. L, JW,  Chris, Maria, Veronica, Rosaire, Lucy, Abigail, Ruth, Bill, Eli&Jewels, Robert.A, Emma.H, Simon.D, Fran&Bird, Laraine.C, Tom.B, Helen.W, Jane.C, Andy.G, Nicholas.C, Brian.B, Ciaran.C, Mari-Lou&Family, Katie.A and my Mum&Dad

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