Sunday, 6 November 2011

Amigurumi Mushroom

 Here's what I made yesterday, I been slightly crochet obsessed (my fingers are super sore) but I figured amigurumi mushrooms would be v.easy and they are!
I shall do a tutorial and post it for you to make your own.

Gosh! It's been over a month since I did a blog post, for shame!
I have some valid excuses. I started an exciting new job 3 weeks ago.
I am now the Animation Coordinator on Ben and Holly's Little Kingdom! Get in!
Pretty much a dream job, pretty full-on chuffed :)
Have to say though I was pretty chocked to leave Chuggington, the team became a bit like family so sorely missed. Chugga-Cho-Cho in the words of Koko, Traintastic Crew.

Before I got the job, I was planning to do a Christmas craft market stall but the stall dream has been postpone. I stopped blogging and started planning and attempting to make mass produce, so I have lots of half made things right now. Which means in a month or two I gonna be spamming my blog with creations.

Since being here I have had the urge to crochet, I think it's the weather change. My pregnant sis requested a crocheted blue shawl for winter so I been working on that. My first ever time I've crocheted a triangle.
That project I like to do on the bus to work, whilst listening to jazz. I witnessed another crocheter on my bus the other day and I chickened out of bringing mine out, next time I see her, I will!

Nice to be back people, I shall keep in touch.


  1. bloody impressive!! I wish I could have seen your tutorial earlier for my vegetables sketchbook! Wonderful stuff :)

    pollie xo

  2. Thanks very much Polly!
    I like your textile vegetables too particularly the garlic, really lovely.I love the idea of a vegetable sketchbook.
    I think I'm gonna crochet an aubergine now, which is my favourite vegetable.
    Thanks for visiting H:D