Wednesday, 9 November 2011

Ice Hockey Series: The Big Playoff

Couple of my Ice Hockey friends, Ciaran Conliffe and Lee Harvey, asked me to do some cartoons based on their ideas, for them to be published in the Streatham Redskins Fanzine. I hope to do a series but here is the first three, which I am told have been published.

The Streatham Redskins are about to be temporarily moved to a new rink in Brixton.
Streatham shall be leaving their historic rink as a new one gets built.
There is a lovely article about the feelings of one of our Hockey players through this change, check it out here:

I have mixed feelings on the Brixton Rink, though I am glad Streatham is getting a new one for the area and the team. 
On one hand this has unfortunatley been built on a valuable asset, of the ever shrinking Brixton market. The big concrete car park, which has now gone, leaving a huge empty space.
Without this car-park the market is pretty much gonna disappear. I wish the local council made more of an effort to rebuild the market rather than let it die.
Here's a wonderful film about the market in Brixton, one I grew up around and had a wonderful ever extending 2nd hand market including tons of fruit and veg and fabric.

The other side of the coin is, I am super super excited that Brixton is going to have an Ice Rink, I hope to become a regular. My sister lives near by so when she has given birth I shall be educating junior on Ice Hockey so he/she grows up to be a Hockey player. I have made junior a customised babygrow.

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