Thursday, 12 April 2012

Accidental Handbag

I've working on my skills in reading crochet patterns. The snood in my previous post was my first attempt.
I am relieved I finally understand what DC and HDC and SS mean after years of being baffled and flinging the pattern across the room and running away screaming.
It has literally taken me years to take my basic knowledge and teach myself all the different stitches, yes I am all grown up *gfaw*
I am quite pleased with this cute little bag...except it looks nothing like the picture on the pattern. 
I was trying to make a string bag for my shopping, but I ended up with a cute holey purse. 
It could be that I completely ignored the yarn advice and used the wrong thread? maybe. I am not too fussed.
In honesty I do like a creative surprise. SURPRISE you've made something completely different, lol.
The bear head was an addition I created a while back and now has a new home on the bag (also crochet or amigurumi to be exact)

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