Saturday, 7 April 2012

Snoody Goodness

Really into the snood/cowl thing going on at the mo.
I'm not much of a knitter so was looking for a workable crochet pattern.
Had a crack at one in Mollie Makes (which I subscribe to and love) but it was more of a collar and didn't suit me. So I reconstituted the wool into a long cowl, which is a bit scruffily done but is my new everywhere neck-a-chief.
Found a fantastic snood pattern on Ravelry and some pink/orange wool at John Lewis and decided to make my sis one for her birthday. Here's the snood I made Roo, it looks fantastic on her:
I also got her some Hummingbird Bakery Cupcakes which are amazing, nom nom nom.
She just gave birth to my new gorgeous niece Chloe.
Been enjoying hanging out with my sis and  baby Chloe and singing at her. She smiles and farts at me (Chloe not Roo), I think we shall get along just fine. Here's me and my sis with brand new baby.

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