Tuesday, 26 July 2011

Awesome Postness

I LOVE POST! who doesn't love post (bills and junkmail not included), sending and receiving post is awesome. Back in the day before the T'interweb it was allllll about post. Man, I used to stack them up, in fact I still have them all, I consider them highly valuable, one of a kind, pieces of time. Many I have were actually notes passed in class, but those are timeless, priceless, Hannah history.
Anyways, I like post lots. So me and Ams have been getting a little post vibe goin on. She sent me this extremely awesome canvas bag, oh yes, that does say Brixton Wholefoods, that's right, Representing Brixton, oh yea.
So I got my hooks began that new crochet trick I learnt with the flowers but used a tiny needle ( don't ask me the number, I don't know, it was just very small) and I used embroidery thread. Seeing as it was for Ams, I researched a bit of 60's colour themes, and whilst doing my Bristol walkabout one saturday picked up a Banksy postcard from the Bristol city museum (which I love). I stitched the flower on a brooch back and after punching some holes in the card, pinned it on, super awesome postness, ta da.


  1. I also love post. I think it is one of my favourite times of the day. You know if it's personal post (not bills or junk) it's going to be good and if it's unexpected even better. Hannah your blog is fantastic and quite an inspiration. I love that you think of something and just do it, I think we all should be a bit more like that x x

  2. Aww Thank you Kate, much chuffed :) Love to you guys, *looks at watch* think I'm due for a visit soon :) Hxx