Wednesday, 27 July 2011

Kite Flying ROCKS!

Me and BG got some kites and went kite flying on the Downs on Saturday. His one only flies once the wind is 5mph but my one is like super easy and flies in anything, you can walk along flying it like a ballon on a string. We found a nice open patch and the wind took them both high up to the end of the string, then we lay on the grass and watch the clouds and the kites fly. Super nice...we headed home when the storm clouds began to gather.
When i was a kid my Dad used to make kites from beautiful paper, bamboo poles and string. I think he had a book on kites, and made all sorts of shapes. I have an awesome picture somewhere, I shall dig it out.

And if you appreciate kite flying you'll appreciate the Cloud Appreciation Society, member no.2492 reporting for duty, Name That Cloud!! Answers on a postcard :D

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