Monday, 4 July 2011

The Kitchen Veg Ledge

Currently missing a garden in my life. Anyone who knows me knows I am have keen green fingers. So apart from occasionally working on my mum's and my mum's neighbours garden, I have my kitchen window ledge.

 Ooo one Tomato, this could be the only one that we get so let's make it GIANT! We also have a pot of lettuce, we got the seeds free in a packet of cakes, are they trying to tell us something....feel guilty eating the leaves, chomp chomp..
 On a sunday BG and I like to stand in the kitchen and laugh at the people trying to get into the Co-op cause they don't know it's closed, they walk up to the automatic doors which don't open then they look at their watches then they slouch off, sometimes they can hear us laughing, good times...

Our chilli peppers are doing really well, I only like growing chillis not eating them, tooo hot, BG likes eating them.

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