Sunday, 24 July 2011

Memory Walk: Please Sponsor!

On the 18th Sept I shall be doing a sponsored walk across London. It’s called the Memory Walk and is raising money for the Alzheimer’s society, I’m using Just Giving to raise money, please donate.
About 5-6 years ago my father had a stroke, and the damage it cause to his brain caused a stroke induced form of dementia. For my BA graduation film, I created an animation about what I felt my Dad was going through, 'Lost and Found'.
The Alzhemier’s Society helps people like my father but it’s not just raising money that I want to do this walk for, I really want to talk to other people who have been through the same thing, I’m looking for advice and tips.
My mother is my fathers full time carer, and as he gets older my father becomes more dependent on my mother. Up until recently they were managing, Dad could remember where the shop is, and would find his way to college up and back 2-3 times a week. Now he forgets we are in London and not Kansas anymore, he’s still jolly and cheerful and I think we all wanna keep him that way.
My Dad has been a keen artist and crafts man all his life. Since his illness he has been going to ceramics and various other art classes and we have all taken great pride and pleasure in his artwork, but as he gets more dependent on support it’s harder for my mum to get him to those places. So i wanna find out what arts and crafts opportunities there are out there for my Dad and what kinda support there is for my Mum.
Dad at Clapham Common

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