Sunday, 21 August 2011

All About Me-WIP

Inspired by ArtCerum on flickr's All About Me artwork, I have been working on a piece of artwork that sums me up.
This is my work in progress:

All the hands around the long haired character (me-ish) symbolise being handy, applauses, waves, hugs, pats on back and creating.
The city is where I am from, Convolvulus (Bindweed) is my favourite plant because it is considered a weed but it reclaims the city back to nature.
I remember, when I was a kid, it covering all the chicken wire around the wastegrounds in South London and we'd pick the flowers and put them in our hair or try and fill them with water or pretend they were trumpets, good times.
So far the sky and the hands are painted on with gouache (i know not the stablest of paints but I just love using it!) the buildings are fabric and have been glued on ( I intend to stitch them on)
I shan't spoil with what I plan next just watch this space.
You can tell I'm enjoying my fabrics lately :)

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