Saturday, 27 August 2011

H.Bs How! Stamps

An Eraser, A Pen, An Idea
Some Carving Tools (acquired from pound shops to art shops)
Some Ink Pads (acquired from art and stationary shops)

Think of something, ok? Now draw it on your eraser.

  Using a thin line cutter, gently cut
the line. This should be like a hot
knife through butter, so go careful.

 Using your little ink-pad, colour onto the stamp et viola! you're good to go!

 And of course if you'd like to tweak it, you can always add little
establishment like the little heart I
added to mine.

Once you get the hang of it you can create all sorts, for instance this tree, and by using the little ink-pads, you can easily apply different colours to different areas.

That's a Hannah How For Now! Give it a Go :)

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  1. Decided to have a wee look as I haven't stalked you for awhile. Sheer awesomeness! You're so inspiring. I cannot say this enough