Wednesday, 24 August 2011

Fabric Sketchbook August Update

Thought you might like to know how the fabric sketchbook is coming along.
Well it's a long haul project.
Just finished the body of the cup before I realised I hadn't quite done the stitches properly but I still quite like it. It just needs the black lines embroidered and an iron (and maybe a whisp of steam) then that one will be finished.
The leaves and tree one on the right has been worked on more, the branches are now stitched 2 shades of brown.
The one on the right is going to have it's pot stitched fully, much like the cup.
I need to go down to the craft shop and top up my threads. The green mug used about 3-4 mini skeins of thread. I been using cheap ones and they unravel soo easily, so from now on I buy the good stuff.
I love an excuse to go down to the fab craft shops in Nicholas' Market, and maybe pop my head into the glorious Fabric Land.
I got a lovely comment next to my mug on flickr and one of my unworked pieces, it really does warm ur heart when someone is nice :)
I shall keep you updated as I go.
Love and Hugs Peps :)

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