Sunday, 28 August 2011

Hannahmade Rubber Stamps

So I keep my rubber stamps in a stamp box, lol, see the pun? I love puns, hot cross puns!
Since I was little I've watched my Dad carve, from wooden animals to lino cuts. 
He got me into lino cuts around my early teens, and I guess I took it for granted at the time. 
My favourite lino print of his is his dandelion print, we still have lots of his lino cuts in the cupboard, just looking at them takes me back in time.

Although lino is beautiful and you can get intricate gorgeous detail, carving erasers is quick, fun, cheap and easy. Have a look at my tutorial for a rough outline.

 Course, one of the key things to remember about carving writing in a stamp, is always reverse the image.

I had to do these letters and the snail mail twice because I wasn't thinking and forgot to reverse the letters. It does show how quick one can do them though as I did the lot in one evening.
Only 17 more letters to go!

Remember to reverse your image!

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