Wednesday, 3 August 2011

I Like Swimming!!

Here's a mini comic I did a while back about my friend Emi's wave machine, Hi Emi!

Swimming Diary:
I didn't over think my laps today.
I just dove in and swam, I focused on my breathing. I can do it for a while then someone passes me and I panic and have to do a double breath or flip onto my back.
But I've did a few laps today without flipping on my back :D
I could have done a few more laps too, I felt great afterwards.

I always go in one of the two slow lanes and have to negotiate over-fast swimmers or extremely slow (usually older ladies) swimmers.

One time I was all tutty and impatient about an older women in front of me, then she got out the pool and had to use a walking stick. Changed my perspective quick smart!

Today I was switching lanes to give the slower and faster swimmers some space. The really slow lady I could see under water was actually treading/walking water lap by lap, I wondered if a doc had recommended it. I can see it would be good exercise for an older lady.

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