Monday, 5 November 2012

A Blanky for Boo

Another important crochet project was for Baby Chloe.
The weather had turned cold and I couldn't help thinking she needed extra cosieness in the pram.
So I manically stitched, for 3-4 days, colourful patches, outlined them in blue, stitched them together and sewed on a fleece lining for extra cosiness.
Needless to say Princess Booboo of Brixton seems quite snug.

Blankets were the first things I really made as they are just an ever growing square and squares were the first thing I learnt to make.
I have probably made 5-6 complete blankets ever, two of which I use regularly.
I made two large granny square blankets with big squares for a couple of friends.
I recently found out, one of the blankets I made for a friend that I had lost touch with, has become the family blanket. When I knew her she was 17 and now she is 30 something with 4 boys, so I was really chuffed to hear it had become a treasured family item and still going strong.
I spotted the other granny square blankie, I'd made years ago, still being used on my friends bed.
I am sure I am not alone in feeling chuffed and satisfied to know home made items are still in one piece, being used and loved.

Booboo's mum, my sis Ruth Miller, writes articles on an ace blog for local baby's and parents, Little Lambeth,  and also does a colomn in local paper the Brixton Bugle.

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