Wednesday, 7 November 2012

Lavender Owls

My sister came round for a visit and some craft time at my house with a project. She was making thank you gifts for friends, little patchwork lavender stuffed owls . She made one and gave it to me, it had a knotted base which stopped it sitting so I added a flat base so it would sit and from that point on we started making them together.
She stitches the fabric together, adding embroidery as decoration, ready to be stuffed with lavender by me. Then I sew on the base and the pre-prepared eyes. So we have a good little factory going.

We got a lot of interest and sold a selection to friends, 3 for £10 or £5 each. You can buy one in my Etsy Shop The Great Escape

I love lavender, so I eyed  my sisters stash of lavender with envy. She gave me the details. The lavender stockist is very reasonable with fast service so I made some fat lavender pillows to go in my bed.
The blue one is mine, I used my favourite fabrics, one side is clouds and the other waves.
I made a green one for my mum, a purple one for my sister, a little cloud one for my friend, as a pocket companion.

I was super chuffed when a work friend brought me back a package of French lavender, I am going to save that for something special, maybe a large owl.

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