Sunday, 4 November 2012

St. Mungos' Woolly Hat Day

St.Mungos the London Homeless charity have been running a knitters challenge, all culminating on Woolly Hat Day 26th October.

The Challenge was to knit bright orange hats to be auctioned to raise money and awareness of Homelessness in London.
I piped up and asked if crocheters could join in, and I was welcomed to the fold.
Due to my lack of pom-pom skills (they always fall apart-what am I doing wrong?!) I made a solid beanie.
I have to say it was very comfy and warm. So I sent it off.

Then I went on the St Mungos ebay site  where celebrity hats where being auctioned off.
I ordered an orange woolly hat made by someone else, all monies went right back to St. Mungos.
My new, with bobble, hat is florescent orange, so I shall be quite safe on the roads!

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