Wednesday, 28 November 2012

Crochet Winter Wear-Snoods

Crochet has been a big hit for me lately. It's so good to do on the bus and so portable that it's been project after project.
The cold weather kicks in and out comes the hook and yarn.

For my sis' birthday in april I made her a snood, I was so jealous as it's very warm and cosy that I made one for myself.

Of course my mum drop some hints so I raced to get one made for her Birthday in 4 days.
It's a pattern I got from Ravelry.
The key I find is the wool, as you want it to be chunky, to get that stiffness, and colourful, for fun.
The stiffness is good as a wind blocker around the neck.
The wool I used is Sardir Indie- nice chunky and colourful and a really good and affrodable site in the UK for all the colours is  Wise Badger.

Finished my mum's snood in time! Here's Mum with Snood and with her new gloves I made too

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