Saturday, 10 November 2012

Comfy Crocheted Fingerless Gloves

I found a simple pattern for fingerless gloves off Ravelry and thought I would have a go.
The first glove I made I forgot the abv. language and started it wrong, I had to restart and rework about 5 times but by the time I had finished, I remembered.
The glove was really comfy and flexible (I find normal gloves a bit like a hand muffler and sort of constricting).
I thought I'd give a pair to my sis too. They were supposedly for Christmas but I ended up giving them to her as soon as I'd finished them (I get over excited!) as I thought her hands would be cold now.
They are Sirdar yarn, as they have nice colours, good wool and affordable price.
I have just finished- last night- making purple gloves for my mum again super comfy. I really need to get on to making ones for myself as they are sooooo comfy.
I think I am going to be making lots for friends over the winter becasue they are sooo comfy.
I know it says for men, but they are really comfy.
Did I mention they were comfy?

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  1. Hey, these are cute!!! I've started following you via GFC, hope you can do the same :-)