Monday, 20 June 2011

Drawing in the garden with Dad

When I can I like to go and visit at my mum's in Brixton. I have takin to doing a drawing journal with my Dad. He had a stroke many years ago and needs constant care but is still very mobile and very cheerful. I had been reading a book about journalling and he found it and was in love with all the drawings so we got one of his sketchbooks and began journalling. It's good for his memory and good for his hand eye co-ordination.

Mum and Dad have a beautiful garden cultivated over the last 30 odd years, when they first moved in it was all rubble but now it's a little oasis in the middle of London.

So me and Dad and Rosie the cat, sat in the garden and drew.

Unfortunately I don't have any of his drawings to add but I'll get some to show you.
Here's a few of mine.

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