Sunday, 12 June 2011

Updatedly Doo: Inspirational Distraction

I have discovered Google reader on my phone and am utterly addicted to checking the arts and craft blogs I follow everyday.
The wealth of inspiration and beauty is thoroughly joyous and gets me motivated to create everyday, if i'm not sketching I am making, I photograph it then stick it on my flickr and invariably give it away.
I have been updating my flickr site with my new creations and also have been gathering support and encouragement from comments by showing my art in lots of groups on flickr, this is my current other favourite internet hobby. It's great because they often recommend others, which I add to my list to follow on my blog.

I get excited when I see a new blog post from Poppytalk, I love Handmade & Cats, Feeling Stitchy, Fog and Swell, Plush Parade, Strumpet's Crumpet, Jenn of all Trades to name but a few.
Then I go see if they have an etsy account and add to favourite and /or buy a treat or two, I have a fab little area in my room of creative bits and pieces I have gathered over the years, i'll take a picture and show you sometime.

So the following posts are an update of what I been making :)
Hope you like :)

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