Wednesday, 22 June 2011

Iggy Pig

Although I have lots of crochet needles I have no wool.
So on my last visit to mum's I grabbed a load of different coloured balls of wool.
My mum has a superb collection of wool she has gathered over the years from charity shops and wool shops and old jumpers. She keeps them in a colour coordinated stack of plastic containers in her room, they almost touch the ceiling. She also gave me a Kennington bookshop canvas bag she got free from the bookshop, I was quite pleased to be taking a bit of South London back with me to Bristol.
I find coach travel a tad stressy, so I was feeling a little wound up. I spied an old lady knitting in the next waiting bay so inspired and to distract me I pulled out my crochet and began making.
I had him at work with me the next day and Sarah at work (hello Sarah!) christened him Iggy Pig and here he is:

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