Monday, 13 June 2011

Softie Robot for Lil'Joe

As you can see a few posts down another couple of my good friends Katie and Steve brought a new little person into the world, Joe.
Katie is a wonderful jewellery designers who I have known for many years. We were both part of the same group of girls from school who have all gone into the arts one way or another, from designers to art journalists, we all keep in touch. Katie met Steve, a sculptor, on her degree and to cut a long story short, they got married and had a gorgeous baby boy.

On a visit when she was still with bump, I was stitching a soft toy together and she asked if I would make her little baby a toy out of her old soft top. I decided a robot would go down very well, and I got to it. It took me ages because it turned out much larger than expected, but it's a very cute happy robot and hopefully lil'Joe will enjoy it for years to come.

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