Thursday, 16 June 2011

Pigeons for my sister, a London bird.

My sister likes pigeons. Perhaps it's because pigeons are the symbol of the Londoner. My sister is a keen practising Londoner, check out her blog, she is 'the crazy mural lady'.
My sister once had a pigeon, nest on her window ledge on her 15th floor balcony in Hackney. The egg hatched she called the baby Pigeon 'Pidgy'.

Did you know Pigeons actually derived from domestic pigeons that have returned to the wild The Domestic pigeons were originally bred from the wild rock pigeons which normally live on the sea-cliffs and mountains in Asia. Our beloved pigeons find the ledges on city buildings a great substitute for sea cliffs, and so they have settled into city life , catching the tube in the morning, hustling for seats at lunch time, chatting up the lady pigeons in the parks.

Pigeon Brooch
Watch your sandwiches though, they will mug you for them as soon as poop on you, you have been warned.

anyways so I made my sister a Pigeon brooch.
Larger Pigeon Patch and Design

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